€25 per week or €80 per month

This membership in Unlimited full access to all classes and open hours on our time table, allows you the freedom to come and go as you please and do all our different program such as Mma,Boxing, Muay Thai etc, ideal for the member looking to take their training more seriously by training more than twice a week or by doing more than 1 program each day they visit us for example doing 2 classes per night.Monthly memberships are paid in full at the start of each month. Weekly membership paid in full at the start of the week.With over 30 classes on our timetable this is our most valuable program at Trials


€20 per week or €60 per month

Pick 1 program that suits your goals and time schedule, you then get to train that program 2 times per week, for example should you choose our Boxing program you would take part in those classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm, or should you choose our MMA program your classes would take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. You also get free access to Open gym/mat sessions on Fridays and Saturdays,You can get a look at our full list of progams to choose from on the classes link

Monthly memberships are paid in full at the start of each month

Weeky memberships are paid in full at the start of each week.

Private Lessons

€25 per hour

this can be 1 on 1 or split the cost with a friend and do a session together. Our private lessons are private time with your coaches 100% attention with nobody else around to disrupt your session. Private sessions are available in either mma, boxing, kickboxing muay thai, wrestling bjj, general fitness pad workouts. Ideal if you are not a fan of a busy class, or looking to go into more depth in a specific area with your coaches 100% attention.These are perfect if you are looking to compete, regular 1 on 1 time will take your game game to the next level.

* 2 person group €25 ( €12.50 each person )

* 4 person group €40 ( €10 each person )

Personal Training Package

€30 per week

3 personal training sessions per week with diet and assessment included, these sessions are full body circuit training workouts with your coaches 100% attention, perfect for weight loss, toning up, burning calories and general fitness and well being. Available with coaches Sean or Ellen, Coach Ellen is also available for Ladies only personal training and Ladies groups.

Personal training programs are paid for at the start of each week. Or you can buy in bulk for a 10% discount

Fitness Lovers Package

€65 per month

This membership gives you access to our fitness package Mon to Thur nights, that includes Circuit Training Mon / Wed (or Ladies only class Mon/Wed) and Cardio Bag Workout Tues / Thurs, Thats 4 nights per week, All this is available for €65 per month
(Cardio bag workout package on its own is €50 monthly)

(Cardio bag work package Tues/Thurs @830pm & Sat @10am)

Breakfast Club

€60 per month

This membership gives you access to our early morning Tues and Thur @6:45am classes, and also free access to Saturday mornings 10am class. That involves cardio bag workout on tues mornings, cardio circuits on thurs mornings and cardio bag workout on sat mornings, All this is available for €55 per month

Champs & Little Champs

€50 per month

Intrested in a well rounded program that teaches your young people new skills in boxing kickboxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? How about adding in a boost of self confidence, respect, fitness and discipline while having fun?
We have our CHAMPS (12 to 15 year olds) and LITTLE CHAMPS (6 to 11year olds) programs.

Every day in class they’ll get a tag for effort and paying attention, the classes are themed on focus, balance, teamwork etc. Every 16 tags they’ll get a stripe on their belt, every 4 stripes they will be in line for a new belt promotion and cert which are free.
This helps them learn to set small goals and follow through. Also a sense of achievement for effort and improvement.

There are 12 places available in each program with 2 instructors supervising.

💥We are taking bookings NOW as spaces fill up fast,these programs are available now for €50 per month includes free belts.


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